“I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to collaborate with so many great people over the years and contribute to such meaningful work . Thank you to each and every one of my past clients for giving me that opportunity".

David Smith _Principal and Lead Designer

What Our Clients Say

A point of clarification for all potential readers; I am not an Architect, nor do I market myself as one. I am an Architectural Designer and registered BCIN. I know that sometimes the term Architect is unintentionally misused as a blanket descriptor for all professions that assist with the design of people’s homes. Nevertheless, I feel that it is important to make this point of clarification, primarily out of respect for every Architect that has achieved that designation.

Very happy working with David, he was able to incorporate all of our requests into a design that makes sense for our space. He was also very helpful and responsive in walking us through the entire process from design to permit. Highly recommend.
Nick & Tricia T.
Semi-Detached - Basement Reno - Upper Beach - Toronto
We are thrilled to share the exceptional experience we had working with David on our home renovation project. From the beginning David demonstrated creativity and professionalism that exceeded our expectations. My wife and I had the opportunity to purchase in our preferred neighborhood, with the catch that the house was a project. Having only a general sense of how renovation projects evolve and who we needed to contact; we are thankful that David was our first stop. His guidance and knowledge were crucial in the early days of our project when we needed it most.

David was able to craft a stunning and practical design completely aligned with our expectations, and with relatively minimal input. It was a superb demonstration of his ability to translate our own disorganized thoughts, wishes and seemingly random pictures into a vision for our home. We also appreciated David's commitment to ensuring we received the best value for our money. He not only delivered a design that exceeded our aesthetic desires but also provided invaluable insights on optimizing our budget for maximum impact.

David wears many hats in the design and renovation process and beyond permitting and construction drawings, his 3D modeling allowed us to see exactly what our home could be.

We wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone beginning their own renovation journey.

Liam G. & Clare M.
Semi-Detached Reno - Additions & Alterations - Playter Estates - Toronto
Been working on our forever home project with David for over 2 years now. Nothing but care and class! He designed our beautiful home from the ground up on what is an extremely challenging lot. Took on committee of adjustments and permits with an expert touch. He works closely with our general contractor to ensure nothing is amiss throughout the whole process. Seamless experience. With David you are in safe hands.
Francois K.
Semi-Detached - Additions & Alterations - Riverdale -Toronto
Over the last 10 years, weve had the pleasure of working with an exceptional Designer who truly exceeded all expectations! David not only brought our multiple home addition dreams to life, but also crafted a stunning concept for our pool house.

From the initial consultation to the final reveal, David showcased an unparalleled level of expertise and creativity. His ability to listen attentively to our ideas and translate them into innovative designs was truly impressive.

Working with David is a bit of a journey from conception to construction. It all starts with a multitude of concepts, accompanied by impressive 3D visualizations, which really helped us to visualize the end result. Once we landed on a design, David led us through navigating the complex process of dealing with the Committee of Adjustments. His expertise in this area was invaluable, as he not only handled the intricacies of the process, but also represented us effectively. Once we successfully cleared the Committee of Adjustments, David was able to obtain the building permit, and construction began!

We highly recommend David to anyone seeking a Designer who not only excels in design innovation but also is able to take you through the approval and construction review process.

Adam S.
Detached - Additions & Alterations - Sherwood Park - Toronto
David was an excellent choice for our renovation project and well suited. We developed a design timeline once contracted to understand when the variances and permit would be approved, and David met this timeline with no delay. David's drawings are neat, clear, and concise, and his 3D model helped us understand and visualize the space for the renovation, down to very specific details. David always went the extra mile to provide his input and expertise which we took value in. Now into construction, David has been supporting with any drawing changes that we require to update our contractor.
Simon & Meghan
Detached - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
We have had a fantastic experience working with David and would 100% recommend his services. From his knowledge and expertise in design and construction, to always being in consistent communication with us -- we couldn't be happier with the process of our basement re-design. David walked us through basement design ideas and options for our space, explaining all the details and always happy to answer any questions and concerns we had. He was very patient with us through numerous rounds of changes, taking the time to ensure that our requirements were fulfilled. In addition to being an exceptional designer, his professionalism and kindness make it easy and enjoyable to work with him. David also took care of the entire permit process for us and his in-depth knowledge of this aspect is very evident. It's been nothing but a smooth and seamless experience. While David's primary responsibilities are tapering off for our renovation, he has reassured us that he will remain accessible throughout the project's duration. We would not hesitate to work with David on any future projects and will definitely be recommending him to friends and family!
Christine & Ben
Detached Basement Reno - Little India - Toronto
We found David online and have had nothing but a great relationship with him. From day 1 he was professional and open to working with all ideas while suggesting some great ones to help build the picture of what we wanted our home to look like. Our story goes back into 2019 as we had complete plans for our home and he introduced us to his contractor who was amazing as well! We had the first part of our renovation complete where David had everything in place to continue on in a timely manner. Everything was by the books and we had little surprises from the project. The 2nd part came into effect in 2023 where we had the ability to complete the next part. He helped again go over everything, getting the permits and suggesting extending our underpin which has gone tremendous so far (still underway as I write). This he did at no added cost! David has been a big part in making our home into what we would like it to look like being our forever home! We're very fortunate to have chosen him in our plans, and I know when we get into the last stage of what we would like, he will be there with his great designs, ideas and professionalism!
Brent M.
Semi-Detached - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
Couldn't be happier with David. R. Smith Design Inc. We are building an extension (garage with rooms over the top). David did all the design iterations and dealt with the City for permits etc... on our behalf. The whole process was seamless! His follow up was amazing, he answered all our questions in a timely manner and never made us feel like we had a silly question (which I'm sure I had plenty). The permits were granted ahead of schedule, and I am in no doubt that David's reputation with the City precedes him. David is extremely professional and just generally a really nice person to do business with. I am already recommending him to anyone who asks!
Eileen N. & Ken B.
Detached - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough
David was recommended to us by neighbours he had recently help plan for their home renovation. He has been extremely helpful guiding us through the planning and building permit application and committee of adjustments process. He was very patient and always answered our questions professionally and in a timely manner. We would highly recommend him to anyone in Toronto planning a home addition and/or renovation.
John P.
Detached - Additions & Alterations - The West End - Toronto
David is so much more than just a designer. He helped us through the entire process of drawings, CoA, applications and permitting. He even connected us with our GC. He was incredibly patient with us, going through multiple iterations of drawings so our needs were met and working well with our designers and other service providers. He was very professional and meticulous. He took us through the whole CoA process without us having to lift a finger. I would highly recommend David for any type of renovation drawings, especially if you're looking for someone to assist with permitting too. Thank you David for everything you did for us!
Laura C. & Tim B.
Detached - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
I am working with David and his recommended contractor on a renovation to my 1923 semi. The project is about 1/3 the way to completion. David has worked with me since last July to create a space that honours the history of the house and brings 21st century light! David has both the design acumen and the technical know how - old world tape measure and technology! He is careful, detailed and most of all - available through each step of the process! As the project unfolds I am happy to share photos!
Sheryl F.
Semi-Detached Reno - Interior Alterations - Upper Beach - Toronto
Working with David to get our project off the ground has been an exceptional experience. He is skilled in helping clients feel knowledgeable and at ease in a potentially daunting process. I can't imagine we would have proceeded with our addition without his guidance. We had a wish list, but didn't know where to start, and right from the beginning David was able to help us set reasonable parameters around feasibility and timing, as well as provide us with useful contacts and anecdotes.

From our very first meeting with David, we could tell that he was a great listener and very quickly able to formulate a clear understanding of our needs. The drawings David produced were creative and professional and reflected exactly what we were hoping for. The drawings have been instrumental in communicating with contractors and other professionals. He also navigated the entire permitting process for us, which proceeded without a hitch.

David has a structured yet flexible approach, with very precise communication that leads to a stress-free and efficient process. We would highly recommend his services - especially to anyone feeling overwhelmed at the thought of home renovations.

Even though his key role is winding down for our addition, David has assured us that he will continue to be available for the duration of the project, and we look forward to having him as a trusted resource.

Sara & Alex
Detached Reno - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
All-in-all, it has been an absolute pleasure working with David.

We had been thinking about renovating our Riverdale home for some time, but procrastinating, somewhat nervous about how to go about it- fear of the unknown, basically. Then we met David, having been given his contact information by a friend. He then patiently guided us through the process, advised us on the optimum improvements that would improve quality of life and our enjoyment of the house, make the house better suited for accommodating a young family as well as visiting guests, and at the same time making a sound investment in the property. The designs he gave us were stunning. Once we'd finalized the concept, David then took care of all the requirements for getting the plans through the City's Committee of Adjustments, and then the permit issuance. He allayed all our concerns, gently guiding us without ever pushing us beyond our comfort zone.

We have recommended David to all our friends and neighbours who are looking to get some work on their homes, and we would highly recommend him to anyone.

Akshita & John
Semi-Detached Reno - Additions & Alterations - Riverdale - Toronto
David is an excellent home designer and has deep expertise and experience in all aspects of home design with a superior knowledge of Toronto home construction. We engaged David to help with the design for our extensive renovation of our 100 year old, somewhat narrow, semi-detached structural brick house in the Danforth area. We wanted to extend the back of the house, add a third-story addition, underpin the basement, and build a lane-way garage. Although we originally believed that we had limited options because our property was narrow and semi-detached, David helped us see the possibilities and design a beautiful, functional, and cohesive new home with enough space for our family of four for years to come.

We strongly recommend David for home design, whether it is a new build or renovation. Here are some of our main reasons why we loved working with David, highly recommend him, and would work with him again on a home renovation projects:

Exceptional Designer.

David is a very experienced home designer, and has specialized expertise with Toronto homes. He knows what he is doing both aesthetically and technically. David had a vision for what our home could be, and worked with us to translate that vision into something that functioned perfectly for our family. We loved what David did with the shell of our house (despite the very limited possibilities given the property). David listened to and understood our needs, and translated that into a beautiful design - inside and out.

Knows Construction.

In addition to being an exceptional home designer, David also has strong knowledge of and experience with home building construction and process, Engineering, and materials. It became clear to us that he considered all of these issues when developing the initial concept for our home because when the time came to address those aspects of the build there were no surprises and everything went according to plan. For example, David understood the challenges of and solutions to underpinning our basement to achieve a 9 foot ceiling height, and extending the foundation of our semi-detached home to create an addition almost equal in size to the existing structure. He knew what was possible and how to achieve it, then worked with our Engineer to implement the plan when the time came to do so. As another example, David recommended that we retain a portion of our existing brick structure because it was structural brick, it would save costs, and it would actually help with the underpinning and the foundation. All of David’s reasons for retaining the existing brick structure proved to be correct as we discovered during construction. It helped us save significant time and money.

Great Guide and Project Manager.

David is an excellent guide through the home building process and a very good project manager. He intimately knows the process end-to-end and helped ensure the right steps occurred at the right time. For example, David ensured submissions to the City of Toronto were made to help minimize our wait time for the Committee of Adjustments (C of A), while giving sufficient time for the City of Toronto to complete its review before our C of A hearing. David also did an excellent job recommending and coordinating the third parties that were needed for our design and build. This included the surveyor, the Engineer (who was very experienced and skilled and we loved working with), and mechanical designer (also very experienced and skilled and able to design a complicated hydronics in-floor heating system). David had experts for each of these areas who knew what they were doing, had reasonable fees, and with whom he had a good working relationship.

City of Toronto Build Expert.

David is an expert on Toronto building codes and regulations, and the City of Toronto building practices, including unique issues that arise with semi-detached structures. At the start of the project it became clear that David had significant experience with home construction in Toronto. He knew what we could and could not do, and he ensured his design stayed within what was permissible. Where needed, David also found creative solutions to overcome general prohibitions such as using fire-shutters to allow for more glazing. Certain aspects of what the City of Toronto permits can be subjective and based on neighbourhood precedent. In those areas, David conducted the necessary research and made good recommendations based on sound judgement. He knew how he could use the precedents to advocate for approval of our design by the City. For example, David recommended a certain design for the front of our house at the start of the project. During the C of A hearing, the committee asked David about the front of the house (for which David was ready with a response), and the committee appeared to consider that reason as a factor for why it was approving our plans. Just as important as C of A is getting advanced approval from Community Planning. David skillfully overcame objections raised by Community Planning that would have otherwise resulted in us abandoning our project. David has excellent written and oral advocacy skills and was always well prepared for each interaction he had with the City. For example, David was the only person during the day of our Committee of Adjustments hearing to use Google Maps to effectively address a neighbour concern.

Deep Technical Expertise.

David is a craft-person and his work product is excellent. He is exceptionally technical and precise, and his technology skills (use of a three-dimensional computer aided design software) made an invaluable difference to the project. It is not possible to fully appreciate the amount of technical detail that David puts into his architectural drawings until the home is being built. Because we are combining an old structure with a new structure, and have a semi-detached home, the construction of our home is fairly complex. Now that our home is being built, we are continually impressed at the level of sophistication and technical detail that we discover in David’s deliverables. Every time a build question arises, it seems that David has accounted for it in the plans. David is also methodical as we have never found any errors in his work product.

Great Process.

We also really enjoyed David’s process. He was willing to scope his engagement in a manner that worked for us and was flexible. David initially developed a few design options. We then selected one that we liked and David proceeded with developing a full design based on this feedback. We then iterated with room placement / dimensions, and windows of that full design to find a good balance. David was always receptive to our feedback, never prescriptive, did not take offence, and found a way to take our input and translate that into a great design. David set expectations throughout the process and ensured that the project made progress. We also materially benefited from David’s exceptional technological expertise with using three-dimensional computer aided software to design our home. David included furniture, tapestry, art, appliances, cabinetry, textures, floor materials and patterns, colour, etc. in these 3D designs. This software allowed us to better visualize the spaces and was invaluable to the process. Having had this experience, we wouldn’t want to design a home without the use of 3D software.

A Great Person and Wonderful to Work With.

In addition to all of David’s hard skills, he is also a great person and a joy to work with. He truly cares about the project and his clients, and you can see that in everything he does. He also believes in taking a team approach - he is kind, thoughtful, and humble. David is also personable, trustworthy, calm and collected, and methodical. He is responsive to all inquiries and emails (you can expect an email reply from David no later than the next morning), great on calls and in-person meetings, and sets good expectations. He is articulate, smart, and has sound judgement. In short, it is truly a pleasure to work with David.

We highly recommend David for home designs large or small.

Brandon and Jessi

Brandon & Jessi
Semi-Detached Reno - Additions & Alterations - Withrow Park - Danforth - Toronto
Working with David has been a calming and grounded experience. He took us through all the steps and uncertainties of starting a basement full reno with outstanding professionalism and kindness. His knowledge in navigating the permit phases with the city was impeccable. His sense of design is modern and practical. We were, and are, very happy with his services. He is the kind of professional that stands by his work and his word. Thank you.
Alberto & Emily
Basement Renovation Design - Basement underpin and finishing with rear extension - East Danforth - Toronto
Its been a pleasure working with David throughout this process. Were delighted with where the plans have landed and are so excited that the work is starting. We are grateful to David for his guidance, openness and patience throughout the process, as well as for navigating all of the arduous application processes, challenging stakeholders and evolving designs. It was a tremendous help and relief to have his leadership throughout.
Karen & Dave
Excellent Architectural Design Experience - Additions & alterations - Heritage Home - The Beach - Toronto
Stop reading this and call David!!

We were looking for a company that would design and build our reno, and after meeting with several companies we found they either focused more on design vs build, or build vs design, and weren't involved in the end to end process. And to be transparent, they were also charging a lot of money and seemed focused on getting to the new job vs taking the time to understand our asks (how do you spend $100,000+ on a reno without taking time upfront).

When we spoke with David on the phone, he explained his process, came to the house to see our ask, and we knew he was the right person. It didn't matter if this was a bigger or smaller build to David, from the start he kept saying this was 'our build', his goal is to help bring that design to fruition, and he worked with us through multiple revisions and cost analysis to make that happen. That's the thing with hiring David, he doesn't just send you a pretty design with some blueprints, he starts with your high level aspirations (we sent MANY photos to him on the dream reno), he took all the measurements of the house and sent back several potential designs to help us focus on what we'd like, advised of cost implications across them and where tradeoffs would need to occur to best stretch our budget, and then he gets you to the point where you are WOW'd by the design outcome.

He made himself available after hours, via text/email as that is my thing, talked us through alternates down to tile size/shape/colour, and then after all of that provided names of contractors we could reach out to in case we were still looking.

Beyond the design and planning work he signed up for, he was the intermediary with the contractors, with the city for permits, with the inspectors, and with neighbours when we needed clarification, and he guided us through the full process it is because of David we had a clear plan, felt at ease, and know made the right decisions.

He is patient, relaxed, honest, transparent, knowledgeable, responded to all asks no later than the next day, and has a passion to help people. Without that guidance and ongoing support we would have been lost. David is the value add!!

So what are you waiting for? Call him. Chris

Chris D.
Semi-Detached Reno - Interior Alterations - Toronto
We used David's services for a challenging rebuild project of our small wartime home in 2022. His patience with answering all our questions, accessibility to promptly making himself available for us and care to "getting things right" when we were unsure of a window choice at the front of our house was so helpful. He is knowledgeable and has an eye for modern design. His ability to work with the C of A process was outstanding!! We look forward to moving into our new house soon! Thank you David.
Robert C.
Home Rebuild In South Etobicoke - Additions & Alterations - Etobicoke - Toronto
We hired David to do plans and permits for an attic remodel. He has been professional, responsive and thorough - highly recommend!
Laura B.
Attic Renovation - Interior Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
David is more than a design, visualization & permit specialist. David is a trusted partner in a process that can be quite complicated. Since day one, my husband and I felt we had made a strong choice in picking David to help us get approvals for our dream home. He accommodated our schedules, answered emails in a timely manner, acted as a voice of reason when we were debating items, provided honest feedback when we needed to hear it and calmed us when neighbours challenged our plans. Our work with him is wrapping up, but we feel confident that he'll be around if we need advice as we move forward with our build. He's trustworthy and professional, the real deal. If considering David, don't hesitate, go for it.
Shalina S.
A Gem In The Home Building Industry - East York - New Build - Toronto
David was instrumental in the redesign of my East York bungalow. David worked tirelessly to design exactly what I wanted. His insight and knowledge of design and construction made the early stages of the project seamless. He was readily available for meetings and always quick to respond to questions. He took care of every step of the process and communicated with my contractor every step of the way. He even hand delivered my permits! Working with David took a significant amount of stress out of the project.
Maggie L.
East York Redesign - Interior Alterations -Toronto
My wife and I hired David to design our home and take care of the permit process for us. After working with David previously on a custom home that he designed, we knew his professionalism and expertise and were not disappointed when it came to our home. He patiently worked with us step by step through the design and permit process, and has been a great asset throughout construction thus far. He always answers the phone anytime that questions arise on site which helps to make the construction process streamlined. We would definitely recommend David to anyone who is looking to renovate or build their home.
Connor S.
Second Floor Addition And Complete Reno - Scarborough - Toronto
Cannot recommend David highly enough. He was a true partner as we envisioned potential changes to our house and made sure we were clear on what we wanted and why. He took our ideas and enhanced them and offered up solutions to challenges that we didn’t think could be solved. He’s meticulous about his designs and ensures practicality in any proposal. We unfortunately had a neighbor opposed to our renovation and David’s preparation for our Committee of Approval hearing was nothing short of stellar. After sitting on the Committee link waiting for over 5 hours for our hearing, I can say that he was the only architect who was complimented by the Committee for the quality of the package he prepared for their consideration. His rebuttal of the points raised by our dissenting neighbors was complete and air tight and he did it with great diplomacy and tact. After he spoke to address the neighbor’s concerns it felt like a mic drop moment and the Committee had no further questions, went straight to a vote and the plans were approved. He is incredibly responsive, answers all the questions we have and is always willing to offer help on adjusting ideas and solving the seemingly impossible. He’s a master at his craft who is committed to clean lines and architectural soundness and beauty. Cannot recommend him enough. Don’t hesitate to engage him on your next project!!!
Petra J.
Home Designer - Best Around - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
David had politely declined working with us on a previous project because of his workload (a sign of his professionalism) but we were able to engage him to work on our recent home re-build. For over a year, from Aug 2020 to Nov 2021, David guided us through the design and submission process carefully, patiently, and thoughtfully. He happily entertained our revisions, our questions, and the 1000 other things that happen while we planned our new home. David brought an empathetic attitude, a steady guiding hand, and ultimately a wonderful design for a family home that we are excited to build and enjoy. We could not be happier with our experience with David and can only hope that we get a chance to work with him on our future projects.
Kenn W.
New Single Family Home Design - Leslieville - Toronto
David was kind and courteous to work with. He provided information in prompt manner as he guided us through the permit process. It was a pleasure working with him in seeing our dream home home as a reality.
Scott H.
Addition To House - Etobicoke - Toronto
We approached David through a recommendation, and after our first meeting with him and reviewing prior projects, we were set on working with him. Our renovation included an addition to the rear of our home, and a redesign of the existing floors and spaces. Never having done this before, we were completely new to the entire renovation process (design, drawings, permits, etc.). David patiently walked us through the entire process, and answered any questions we had along the way. David has a great design sense and ample experience, he really helped us go in the right direction with our planning. He knows all of the city's bylaws and building codes which really took the weight off our shoulders. After our plans were complete, he took care of dealing with the City of Toronto and permit acquisition. David continued to be involved with our General Contractor by answering questions, and being available whenever required. We can absolutely say that we could not be more happy with the service that David provided us, and we will be recommending him to anyone that ever needs his services.
Jonathan S.
Rear Addition And Re-Design Of Existing Home - West End - Toronto
We first met David when were planning a 3rd floor addition to an old east end row house. David came highly recommended by several neighbours. He understands the "quirks" of old homes in this area extremely well and was a superb collaborator (and guide!) through the design and permitting process. We also engaged David to help us plan a more significant--basement underpinning and general gut--project in an equally old home. David has numerous strengths, but what really stood out to me was his flexibility, patience (with all our questions) and excellent project management. We have already recommended David to others and will continue to do so.
Basement, 3rd Floor Addition And More! - Heritage - Leslieville - Toronto
I’m so happy we found David to help us design our home renovation. We had an initial idea of the changes we wanted to make to our home, but David brought ideas that we would have never envisioned. David designs with his client in mind. He really understood the utility of our home, challenged us to design to maximize value, and added great design elements we never considered. He is so responsive. We never felt like we were asking too many questions. He walked us through the process. The 3D visuals he provides are so helpful to envision the end result. Overall we really enjoyed working with David.
Joanne C.
Great Customer Service And Design!! - Additions & Alterations - East End - Toronto
I switched to using David after terminating an unsatisfactory engagement with another architect. My experience with him was brilliant from the beginning. He is a great communicator and always responsive to client questions and concerns. He is thoughtful designer and, despite being so talented, remains open minded and will consider alternative suggestions without ego. The 3D-visualisations he prepares make it really easy to envisage what the end product will look like and this makes decision making easy. Bottom line - David really cares about his clients and getting to the right spot for them. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Caroline R.
Home Design & Renovation - Interior Alterations - Deer Park - Toronto
David has been exceptional and patient while we planned, designed and finalized the drawings for our renovation. David was able to conceive a feasible approach to our project and provided a wealth of knowledge when it came to building with a balance of budget and ROI in mind. He was able to translate feedback well and at the end of it all prepared and delivered a permit package that made our GC say, "wow!" I would definitely recommend David.
Dylan W.
New Home From 1915 - Additions & Alterations - Little India - Toronto
David helped us plan and design our first home here in Toronto. We did an almost complete gut job and rebuild on a semi-detached house. Throughout the process David was helpful and insightful, giving us useful suggestions and recommendations as well as creating an overall design that met all of our needs and requests. He has remained available and helpful even after the design part of the project was finished, liaising with our contractor to help make are renovations as stress free as possible.
Tao A.
Great Designer, Great Experience - Interior Alterations - West End - Toronto
David, Grant and I want to sincerely thank you for designing our home and steering us through the Toronto Committee of Adjustments with your expertise. You are a true professional and a pleasure to work with. We so appreciated your sound advise, how you took the time to really listen to and work with us to achieve both a buildable and beautiful home design. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and business.
Dori V.
New Home Design - Etobicoke - Toronto
We cannot recommend David highly enough. We found David after wasting several months with a different architectural designer and wasting a lot of time and money. In desperation we reached out to David who literally saved us, and our major renovation project. David walked us through the design process with patience and insight, showing a great deal of expertise in all aspects, and with patience as he indulged us in several exterior revisions. We really liked his efficient floorplans with no wasted space, and clean sightlines. David was fantastic in both our Committee of Adjustment hearing, and our Building Permit application dealing with all of the issues arising from the COVID shutdowns, on top of the usual process. He took on all the coordination with Engineers and HVAC designers, and the city for the applications processes, and made the process seem almost easy.
Vivian T & James R.
2nd Story Addition - Total Gut Renovation - North York - Toronto
We were looking to completely gut our home and add a 3rd story addition. We interviewed a few different architects, but we knew we wanted to work with David very soon after meeting him. What we particularly appreciated was David's ability to walk us through the process and he conveyed a strong understanding and empathy to what we were (and would be) going through on such a large project and investment. He's a straight shooter and very honest about the ups and downs of such a large project. After we began working with David, we also really liked his ability to produce visual renderings of what our home would become. He was great through the permitting process, and we loved how he took the time to interact with us and our kids. We would recommend David in a heartbeat, and in fact, we already have!
Christian M.
Home Renovation With 3rd Story Addition - West End - Toronto
We turned to David to help us design a modern carport with smart storage options. David was easy to work with, incredibly creative and very precise in his approach to city permitting. Everything went exactly to plan despite COVID challenges. We're thrilled with his work and highly recommend his services.
Derek B.
Precision Permitting - Carport - West End - Toronto
David was a delight to work with. His calm and collected nature made the stresses of planning a renovation manageable. A complete professional! I’d hire him again instantly. Highly recommend!
Susan S.
3rd Floor Addition And Kitchen Extension - Heritage - Leslieville - Toronto
David is absolutely amazing!! He really takes the time to understand the clients desires and needs, while offering his own ideas for alternative approaches. He made this process really fun and easy. David always provided extra information and lots of details pertaining to each and every step of the project. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would have given 11/10 stars if I could. David always goes above and beyond!!! Would highly recommend to everyone.
Gena S.
Second Story Addition - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough - Toronto
We just wanted to thank you for all the work and assistance for obtaining the permits from the City over the difficult times of COVID-related lock downs. Now, we cannot wait to see the finished house that is being implemented very much along your fabulous design.
Taky Y.
Whole House Renovation Design & Permits - Interior Alterations - North York - Toronto
We learned of David through a friend who highly recommended him. After one phone call my husband was ready to hire David, and after meeting him in person I agreed. Then, when we looked at the HomeStars reviews, our feelings were confirmed. The positive feedback is all true. We are nearing the home stretch of building our dream home from scratch, in a relatively tight urban lot, and the whole design process with David has been smooth and stress-free. Communications with David have been a pleasure - he's friendly and professional, a great listener, clear and concise, and has an amazing response time. He's been totally supportive throughout, and working on the design has felt like an equal partnership, with no ego getting in the way at all. This was something I had feared before we started our project, but it's just been fun and exciting instead. Moreover, I am so grateful that David has served us so well as our representative at the City, in this way he has also been an incredible asset. We set ourselves the challenge of building without needing to go to COA, and so David's knowledge of all the code intricacies has been invaluable. No doubt if we did have to go to the COA I'd want David to do it for us! Obviously we highly recommend David. We would not hesitate to ask him to help us again. Thanks David for everything.
Joanna D.
Look No Further! Our New Build In Toronto - Little India - Toronto
David is a very well spoken professional who helped us sever our property in Toronto. From the beginning he was a pleasure to work with. He is very educated and talented in his work. He was excellent at representing us at the Committee of Adjustment. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a true professional. Thank you David for all of your hard work in making our dreams come true!
Kevin S.
Property Severance - Baby Point - Toronto
David is a pleasure to work with. He provides prompt service is very professional and has a great attention to detail providing plans, renderings, permits and listening to our design requests.
Danielle P.
Rear Addition - Interior Alterations & Addition - Guildwood - Toronto
David is very professional, delivers great design advise, is a clear communicator, and follows up and completes the work on schedule. The permits he submitted for our reno on our behalf were approved by the city in about a week! Fantastic service!
Andrew M.
Designer Consulting, Drafting Floor Plans, Construction Permits - Interior Alterations - Leslieville - Toronto
Working with David Smith was a very positive experience. He has keen knowledge of design ideas and suggested new ways of thinking about my floor plan. His drawings were very detailed. He is very knowledgeable about city permits and how to obtain them. He was available for ongoing questions once my construction began. I highly recommend David.
Basement Design Plans - Interior Alterations - West End - Toronto
We first met David over a year ago when we were searching for an Architect to help us with our renovation plans. From the start David was professional, laid back and his wealth of knowledge was very clear. We spent a lot of time going back and forth on various ideas over the course of a year and David was always helpful and supportive as we worked our way through this stressful process. David was able to provide us with so many great suggestions and options for our project. The renderings he created for us were great at helping us visualize the spaces, and have been very helpful throughout the construction phase as well. We're grateful we were able to work with him.
Third Floor Addition - Additions & Alterations - Danforth - Toronto
Working with David was a delight and set the tone for the level of professionalism I experienced while working together. David was prompt, transparent and responsive when I had questions. Of particular note, was David's ability to clearly articulate key design aspects over the phone. David's ability to be flexible and patient was demonstrated when I wanted to make changes quickly after a discussion when decisions had already been reached. Without question I will be contacting David for my next renovation project!!
Ashley M.
Planning, Visual Design, Permits - Interior Alterations - Toronto
I really enjoyed working with David. He has been very patient through the entire design process...even thought we changed our mind several times. I really liked the way he utilizes every corner of the house to create the flow. Lastly, he is very well versed with the city by-laws and knew how to handle our permit and the hearing . He takes personal interest in every aspect of the design process.
Shambhavi S.
Drawing, Permit Application And Cof A Representation - Additions & Alterations - East End - Toronto
David was a pleasure to work with from the beginning. After taking considerable time to listen to our vision, he came up with a plan that totally worked, including things we wouldn’t have thought of. We extended the back of our semi to maximum width and extended the upstairs rear bedroom to include an en-suite. David mercifully obtained our permits and communicated regularly throughout the process. Thrilled with his work. Everything was efficient, transparent and professionally handled. Would totally recommend him. Well worth the money. Saved us money in the end.
Penny T.
Rear Extension To Width Of Semi, Upstairs Master With Ensuite - Additions & Alterations - Toronto
I reached out to David after reading the reviews about him on HomeStars, and am happy to have the opportunity to provide one of those reviews to help guide others to him! Working with David was totally stress-free. He listened, offered meaningful suggestions, and I felt that he really wanted to take the time needed to get it right. Not that it took a lot of time on his end... to be honest, I created huge delays and David was incredibly patient with me. Though I was not always able to be as responsive as I might normally be (my excuse would totally excuse me :), he never once made me feel that he was frustrated or put out in any way. Truly a genuine, lovely guy & I found him to be quite brilliant at what he does!
Leslie C.
Main Flr Extension Design, Committee Of Adjustment & Permit - Additions & Alterations - Toronto
I was introduced to David by a neighbour who had retained him and spoke very highly of his experiences working with him. Having now used him myself I would happily recommend him and will be moving forward. In the end David worked on both my home where we proposed a substantial multi-storey rear addition and a full gut of the existing building, as well my fiances commercial office space. For the house we had to go through a lengthy municipal review process including the Committee of Adjustment and it was not without its headaches and hurdles. David was there through all of it, helping us navigate concerned neighbours and liaising with City staff to ensure our application moved smoothly. In the end we received unanimous approval and are now planning our next steps. Overall I can say that working with David was a pleasure, he is relaxed and very approachable, confident in his knowledge of the process and the building code and highly experienced. We leveraged his experience numerous times both in the design of both properties and in answering a number of questions that otherwise would have kept us guessing and sleepless. I would recommend him without hesitation, thank you David for all that you did!
Jason M.
Design, Plans And Dealing With The COA-David Did It All! - Additions & Alterations - Riverdale - Toronto
I wholeheartedly recommend David. We spoke with other design/permit specialists about our renovation, but had no hesitation in engaging David. He is very patient and knowledgeable. We had a lot of questions about the process and he was always happy to explains things to us. The whole process went very smoothly. David is fantastic!
Anthony O.
Second And Third Floor Renovation - Additions & Alterations - Riverdale - Toronto
David was recommended to us by a mutual acquaintance. When I contacted him he had the patience to explain to me the difference in qualifications between architects and designers. That patience has been one of David's most valuable qualities that we have depended on all through our design and permitting process. At times he literally acted as a referee for my husband, John, and me when we couldn't come to agreement about design details. Our project is to add a 2nd storey to our bungalow and also enlarge the main floor area as much as possible without delaying acceptance of the plans by the City. David is extremely good at the design element of the work and also at understanding what is likely to pass the City's zoning provisions. David reworked our plans until he delivered what we think is the best that could be done with our existing home and lot. Everyone who sees the drawing of the "proposed elevation" is impressed. David treated us and our project as if we were the only clients he was working for, always responding quickly to our questions and comments. Although David provides design only services (not design/build) he is well versed with the construction aspect of the renovation process, which was very important for John who is a shipwright and craftsman. We have relied heavily on David's knowledge and expertise in this area. And, in fact, it is David who introduced us to a contractor who was likely to be able to deal with clients as challenging to work with as we know we are. As part of our vetting process before hiring David he referred us to his reviews on HomeStars, a resource I had never referenced until then. Now we can honestly say that the near perfect ratings and excellent reviews he continues to receive are not exaggerations but are well-deserved.
John & Valarie F.
Second Storey Addition, Enlarging & New Design For Main Floor - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough - Toronto
This was the second and largest project David has completed for us in as many years. (previously: Detached garage drawings & permits). This project has been more of the same excellent design and collaboration. From our first meeting, to the presentation of his design, through to the permits being issued - David kept us updated and informed of progress. Questions were answered quickly. David is an encyclopedia of solutions. If you're looking for the best design service in the GTA, you've found him. Thank you David for all your extra effort coordinating mechanical + truss design, and that last push getting the permits approved. We look forward to working with you again on future projects.
Ryan St. P
Second Floor Addition & Whole Home Design - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough - Toronto
Thank you David!!! My wife and I found David on HomeStars, and based on his previous reviews on we can honestly say that the positive reviews are all true. David was amazing throughout the whole process. He was always patient, professional, and was also available for any questions we may have had. David right from our initial meeting took pride in our home renovation + design - first design proposal, changes, permit applications, CofA, structural engineer, permits, etc. David handled it all. We will forever be thankful to David, for designing our soon to be family home. Thanks David
Brad D.
Home Renovation Design - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough - Toronto
We engaged David to design two new homes for us, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the service we received. Very knowledgeable, easy to work with and direct, i would definitely use him again.
Paul P.
New Home Construction - Property Severance - Scarborough - Toronto
We are really glad to have gone with David for our whole house redesign, and have his help throughout our very lengthy process (the lengthy part is because of us, David was super responsive and communicative, even having a newborn child in that time). Without him, we would not have made it through all the hurdles in our design, committee, applications, neighbours, and permits. David is professional, receptive, and honest. I asked him for an ensuite, even though my wife didn't think it could work; and there it was. His advice was definitely helpful in guiding us towards our goals. David even made referrals along the way, which we took advantage of, including our structural engineer and general contractor. We would definitely go with David again in the future for other jobs given our experience. Even though the design process is over and the build begins, David still offers to chime in and help on things. Thanks again, David!
Tim. W
Whole House Reno & Extension - Additions & Alterations - West End - Toronto
David was incredibly helpful, insightful, and supportive from the very start of our project. From our discussions with him, it was clear that his highest priority was ensuring that the final design fit within our needs and budget. He took care of navigating the complex process of zoning and applying through the committee of adjustment with the city on our behalf with a minimum of stress. He's subsequently made himself available even after his part of the project was complete to help us navigate the construction phase with our contractor. We can't recommend him highly enough.
Adam K.
Garage Design, Permit, And Representation With City - Riverdale - Toronto
Excellent service! We highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for professional, reliable, friendly and current with the latest construction/design trends. We had a whole-house remodeling project which included main floor gut and redesign, addition of a third floor including new master bedroom and full bath as well finish our basement. David was very professional and an expert at what he does. He completed the project within the scheduled time frame. David is so kind, so honest and pays attention to every detail, no matter how big or small the job is. He was very generous with his time and came to our house at the shortest of notice to walk through any questions he had no matter what time of day and on weekends. He gave us a very fair price for a great quality work. It was a pleasure to work with David and his company to achieve the desired outcome. We would highly recommend him. Thanks David
Brent S.
House Renovation - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
Having used David in the past for design and permitting for my parents' deck, my wife and I contacted him when we decided to dig out and finish the basement of our row house in Riverside we knew it would be a daunting task that's why we were so glad to have had David involved in the project. David is very approachable and engaged, and made us feel comfortable right off the bat helping flesh out the idea of what we wanted from the space and offering suggestions to make it better than we could have made it on our own. In addition to having an excellent design sensibility, David is also efficient in getting the permitting cleared away with a minimum of hassle so we could get the work started. He is quickly becoming our go-to designer for any home projects we have.
Frank K.
Basement Design & Permits - Interior Alterations - Leslieville - Toronto
We had full intentions of vetting 3 architects for our major renovation, but after our first initial meeting with David we felt we didn’t need to interview anyone else. David took the time to ask many questions and really listened to our answers, and came up with a design for our new home that was exactly what we had envisioned. He was very detailed and transparent with us through the committee of adjustment and permitting process, and handled every single detail. During construction we ran into structural issues with our existing foundation and later clerical issues with city, due to the foundation issue. In both instances, David was always readily available to provide us guidance, advice and support and was instrumental in helping us navigate the city’s bureaucracy once again so we could get our renovation back on track. We highly recommend David to anyone looking for an architect to help with your renovation big or small, as well as the essential skills he has in dealing with the city’s building permit process.
Molly E. & Brad T.
Design And Permitting For Contemporary Home Renovation - Additions & Alterations - East End - Toronto
we had an issue regarding permits and David through his history and dealings with the city had gotten them to issue a permit before the weekend started and therefore our project wasn't held up. Thanks David
Dale K.
Permits In A Flash - West End - Toronto
My experience David R. Smith has been outstanding. His skills go beyond creative and proficient design talent. David's ability to truly listen and accurately reflect my project goals in the design plan was impressive. His intelligent design plan will serve my family well for long into the future. In addition to all the foregoing, he is a pleasure to work with, respectful, attentive and responsive. Highly recommended!
Ulla S.
Design And Permitting - Interior Alterations - East York - Toronto
David was a delight to work with. He met with us many times and always gave us lots of options, each time bringing his own personal and unique touch to the design. He resolved a couple of tricky issues for us, given the age of our house and worked well with our contractor to finalize everything about our design before shovels went into the ground. A pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.
Mark St. C.
Basement Renovation And New Walkout Design - Interior Alterations - Upper Beach - Toronto
Our entire experience with David was excellent and we would highly recommend David R. Smith Design! He delivered on all promises and was timely, thorough, detailed and easy to work with. We respect David and all the ideas he offered in helping us plan for our house renovation. In addition, we really appreciated his pricing which was well worth it.
Julia F.
Design Plans For House Renovation - Additions & Alterations - North York - Toronto
I interviewed several architects before choosing David - and I am so glad I did! He has been amazing throughout the whole process. He was always patient, ready to answer any questions and super accommodating. If you are looking for someone kind, patient, talented and easy to work with - look no further. He is highly professional and will not disappoint! I already recommended him to all my friends, who are super satisfied with his service.
Aleksandra D.
House Reno - Additions & Alterations - Guildwood - Toronto
David's approach to our project was both professional and thorough. Even with our indecision he was very patient and thoughtful with responses and ideas. We felt like his only clients.
Richard A.
Whole Home Update And Reno - Additions & Alterations - The Junction - Toronto
We used David for a second renovation and again, we're completely satisfied! David not only expedited the original design, changes were also handled very quickly. We had permits (original and revisions) approved in record time! David also always goes above and beyond. He is not only our designer, we also consult him on areas that extend beyond his regular scope of work. And he's always very helpful! We'll continue to use David for future projects and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a designer!
Dale K.
A Thoroughly Satisfied Repeat Customer! - Additions & Alterations - West End - Toronto
We purchased a home and knew that we wanted to completely renovate it, add a two-story addition and finish the basement. Not knowing where to start, we found David R. Smith design through a recommendation from our general contractor. Having read through all the reviews on Homestars for David R. Smith design, we can genuinely say that the positive reviews are all true. David is one of those rare people in the industry that you will go back to time and time again because of his experience, high quality of work and he’s just a really nice guy that you can freely talk to. We hired David to draft our house plans and to take care of all aspects of apply for and obtaining building permits. Starting from a few ideas from Pinterest, David created various designs taking into account all the things on our wish list. Having vast experience with the process of home design, David is able relate to the difficult decisions that need to be made balancing budget vs features. He is a great sounding board for ideas and recommendations and is extremely patient with making changes to designs. During the later stages of the design process, David worked extensively with our general contractor to finalize our house plans. While reviewing the designs, it was clear that David is extremely knowledgeable with the technical aspects of structural design, building codes and experience with resolving issues. During the permit application process, David expertly navigated the process to expedite obtaining the building permits. He constantly followed up with the City reviewers and made sure to keep our application top of mind for them. We really could not have found a better person and company to help us through the process and we greatly appreciate the work that was done.
Arvie K.
Major Home Renovation And Addition - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
Amazing choice to help build your house. We had a 1950's bungalow that needed to be renovated and after contacting a number of designers we chose David. He was the most professional of everyone I spoke with. We could not visualize what we wanted, but he was able to use our wishlist and turn our two bedroom bungalow into a 4 bedroom house with an inlaw suite in the basement. The initial meeting, the first proposal, changes that we made a thousand times, committee of adjustments, engineering drawings, electrical drawings, HVAC permits, building permits everything was completed or arranged by David. Don't know how he does it and keeps so calm. David was very patient with us and was always available to answer question by phone or email. When things needed to be added or removed from the plans they were done promptly and provided to us for review. We are not using a contractor for our project and the advice that he has provided has helped so much . Getting all the plans and permits approved using David made our busy lives so much easier. I really can't say enough about how great he was during the planning and permit stage and knowing that he is there to answer questions we might have during the build is a great weight off our shoulders. Thanks so much for everything, David.
Chris H.
House Design - Additions & Alterations - West End - Toronto
I'm an ICI tradesman and work with some great draftsmen & project managers on a daily basis. I know a good set of drawings, and I know good management. David is the single best trade professional I have ever worked with. The drawings are exceptional. Details and notes are comprehensive. Correspondence was always clear and timely. David has excellent knowledge of city permits, CofA procedure, and all other pertinent building depts. He managed my expectations of these processes at every step. David sets an incredibly high standard. I look forward to working with him again on future projects.
Ryan St. P.
Detached Garage Drawings And Permits - Scarborough - Toronto
I would highly recommend David R. Smith to anyone and everyone. When it comes to these sorts of important decisions I am extremely particular and very detail-oriented and I'm happy to say that David exceeded my expectations. David is extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. On many occasions he has gone above and beyond what we thought we signed up for. He truly cares and took great interest in all of our needs and wants. He spends quality time, going through ideas and processes. He is also very fairly and reasonably priced. We were very budget driven. Beginning this process, David was very clear as to the scope of work that could be done for x amount of dollars. He works closely with a variety of contractors and clearly understands cost of quality construction, from materials to labour. (Note: He does not push his contractors on you, you are free to use whoever you feel is fit.) He was very realistic about what we could and could not accomplish but was willing to break down our project in segments in order to focus on what our priorities are and what we really need vs. want. To us this was very important, because after going through months of working with David, we realize that our ideas continued to snowball which in turn snowballed the cost of construction. David would kindly remind us of where we began and what our focus was and this was much appreciated. But he had no problem exploring new ideas. From a design perspective, I think one of his greatest strengths is working in urban and small spaces; maximizing what we have and offering solutions that still allow us to work within small parameters but achieve what we want at the end of the day. Although in our case, we are not adding a huge amount of square footage, the impact should be great and allow most of my "wish list" items to be met within our budget. I think anyone can run into disagreements along the process, especially if either side is unrealistic about expectations but this did not happen. Any question or concern we had, even when thinking about making alterations to the plans, David would happily examine and offer the most professional advice listing both pros and cons. I could not be happier. I am walking away from this process feeling much more educated and confident in the decision to go ahead with the construction phase.
Maria P.
Addition/Interior/Exterior Renovations - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough - Toronto
David is knowledgeable, patient, very responsive, and always available. There was a time when we spoke several times a week. It was often me asking the same questions or bringing up another "what if" scenario, and David was always happy to calm my nerves during an exciting and anxious time. We went through several iterations of design. David was exceptional at combining our needs/wants with his experience and what was possible. From the day after our C of A hearing right through to the OMB hearing, David was compassionate, helpful, encouraging, and the most trusted advisor we had through the whole process. We had to do a lot of preparation for the OMB. David dealt with the city zoning team on short time lines, made crucial design adjustments, and found some details in our planners work that had to be revised. We are anxiously awaiting our decision from OMB but are confident that with David's help we have done everything we can. Through it all, we are grateful to have had David on our side and we can't recommend him enough. UPDATE: We are happy to report that we were successful at OMB and now we can build our dream home. David, as expected, as already started the next steps! Thanks again!
Amit K.
2nd Floor Addition And 2 Story Extension - Additions & Alterations - East York - Toronto
David is one of the most professional, friendly individuals I have ever worked with. Extremely knowledgeable, always willing to go the extra mile, he helped turn around what had been a bad experience due to the prior architect on the file, into a great experience. My fiancée and I are now back to being excited about our new home! I can't recommend him highly enough.
Paul P.
New House Building - Scarborough - Toronto
Design discussion, plan presented, revision process, permit arrived for the build; David offered and provided me this professional service, stress free. David is knowledgeable, timely and personable. He managed the entire process with helpful ideas. My experience working with David was A+. David was recommended to me by a friend who had contracted his services for a home extension. Further details, my permit process also included: a submission to the Committee of Adjustments, neighbour objection, CofA meeting postponement, producing a new survey, CofA hearing, successful result. The CofA hearing was anticipated, the rest was not. David managed each and every step seamlessly. He took the stress out of the process.
Paul S.
Home Garage Design And Permit - West End - Toronto
It was an absolute pleasure to work with David on planning a new addition for my home. I had a lot of trepidation going into the project. Right off the bat he had to deal with the confines of the space and my budget. It was his winning combination of skills in customer service and design that made it very easy for me. A little knowledge is dangerous. It must have been a pain in the kiester for customer service during the planning process of a renovation. Despite the number of the hours I spent watching home shows on TV or Tiny House videos on You Tube, there was a steep learning curve in finalizing a feasible plan. David responsive and patient manner walked me through the process, which included a lot of UNlearning and the ugly work of managing (my unrealistic) expectations. David extensive experience shined when he offer ideas that were game changers and demonstrated foresight. In my case, the game changers were relocating a washroom that would save a bedroom and consolidating the mechanical utilities of the house in the main unit of the property. As a landlord, I know his proposals will directly improve cashflow and the maintenance of the house. Lastly without prompting, David offered a design that could improve the resale of the property by keeping options open for the next owner down the line. Again it was his experience and creativity in finding solutions that brought specific and practical foresight. I truly appreciate he was looking out for my best interest. I hope this feedback is helpful in your consideration.
Lisa M.
2 Storey Addition - Additions & Alterations - Leslieville - Toronto
We found David R. Smith Design Inc. on Home Stars and were immediately impressed with the consistently raving reviews. We can now say they are absolutely well deserved and want to add our story. David was always very professional, technically knowledgeable and very helpful in guiding us not only through the design of our house (after a frustrating experience with another professional), but also during a quite complicated and stressful process with the Ontario Municipal Board after our neighbours appealed a favourable decision of the Committee of Adjustment. David was extremely resourceful and helped us keep calm during the long ordeal that ended up halting the construction of our house for months. We are finally on the verge on concluding the construction of our new house and I would certainly recommend his services for anyone that is planning a new build or a renovation.
Diego B.
New House Construction - Sherwood Park - Toronto
Friends of mine suggested David when I decided to underpin and renovate my basement, as they'd used him for the same project at their home and had nothing but good things to say about him. Allow me to now add my own words of praise: David is thoughtful, patient, and very creative. He kept in constant contact with me, answered dozens (and dozens) of questions, and stuck to the timeline and budget we'd agreed to. I'm excited about the space he's created for me and can't wait to see it. He was the perfect partner for this initial phase - I hope the rest of them go as smoothly!
Amanda B.
Basement Underpinning & Renovation - Interior Alterations - West End - Toronto
We hired David to design a new home for our growing family in Leslieville. Upon our initial meeting, we felt David was very attentive and patient in explaining the process to us. This was our first time undertaking such a project and we were unaware of all the steps and potential set backs that could occur. Subsequent correspondences and revisions were timely and reflective of what we wanted. We thought David did a great job - Thanks!
Chris M.
Plans For A Dream Home - Leslieville - Toronto
Stop reading this and call David!! We were looking for a company that would design and build our reno, and after meeting with several companies we found they either focused more on design vs build, or build vs design, and weren't involved in the end to end process. And to be transparent, they were also charging a lot of money and seemed focused on getting to the new job vs taking the time to understand our asks (how do you spend $100,000+ on a reno without taking time upfront). When we spoke with David on the phone, he explained his process, came to the house to see our ask, and we knew he was the right person. It didn't matter if this was a bigger or smaller build to David, from the start he kept saying this was 'our build', his goal is to help bring that design to fruition, and he worked with us through multiple revisions and cost analysis to make that happen. That's the thing with hiring David, he doesn't just send you a pretty design with some blueprints, he starts with your high level aspirations (we sent MANY photos to him on the dream reno), he took all the measurements of the house and sent back several potential designs to help us focus on what we'd like, advised of cost implications across them and where tradeoffs would need to occur to best stretch our budget, and then he gets you to the point where you are WOW'd by the design outcome. He made himself available after hours, via text/email as that is my thing, talked us through alternates down to tile size/shape/colour, and then after all of that provided names of contractors we could reach out to in case we were still looking. Beyond the design and planning work he signed up for, he was the intermediary with the contractors, with the city for permits, with the inspectors, and with neighbours when we needed clarification, and he guided us through the full process it is because of David we had a clear plan, felt at ease, and know made the right decisions. He is patient, relaxed, honest, transparent, knowledgeable, responded to all asks no later than the next day, and has a passion to help people. Without that guidance and ongoing support we would have been lost. David is the value add!! So what are you waiting for? Call him. Chris
Chris D.
Semi-Detached Reno - Toronto
I give David a 10/10 star rating based on his knowledge, skills and how he interacts with us. Very understanding and gives sound advice on what's better, cost effective and the right contractor for you. Keeps us well updated on how the project is progressing. He is always there during and after process. We are so happy we met David and will highly recommend him to friends and family for their future major home projects. Thumbs up for David.
Frank L.
Addition/Renovation - Additions & Interior Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
Hi David, The experience of working with you has been fantastic - x 2. Thanks for your diligence, your attention to detail, and your incredible creativity. I think I’ll have to go out and buy another “tear down” just so we can work together again. Send your invoice and we will pay it promptly, with pleasure. Sincerely, Dan
Dan S.
2 New House Designs - Additions & Alterations - The Beach - Toronto
I would not hesitate to recommend David. He was reliable, respectful, timely and had lots of time to answer any and all my questions about the process. The whole process was pretty painless!
Florencia B.
House Renovation - Interior Alterations - West End - Toronto
David worked with us to fully redesign both floors of a bungalow.from first meeting we were very comfortable with his skills , vision and immediate response to any questions. After receiving imaginative prelim plans which were exactly what we were looking for, we have shelved temporarily this project . Once we restart we hope David will pick up where he left off. Thanks David for great effort so far!!we will be in touch . Chris and Glenda
Chris D.
Plans For Bungalow Reno - Etobicoke - Toronto
With absolutely no experience with home ownership and renovations, we were extremely vulnerable when seeking out services, especially with respect to our proposed addition drawings and permits. Thankfully we found David. Our first experience with David gave us the sense and confidence that we had someone in our corner. David was mindful and respectful in all his interactions with us. This was a great way to set the tone for our technical and very real task of acquiring permits through the committee of adjustments. We were requesting a minor variance (as David had correctly guided us towards) and the journey involved many facets that included multiple drawings, repeated engagement with the city, the committee of adjustments hearing, etc. David handled ALL of this. We were satisfied with the outcome of the drawings for our addition given the budget limitations (David was always cognizant of how drawings impacted construction costs). We did receive approval from the committee of adjustments despite some neighbours' opposition. David went above and beyond in speaking to our neighbours on multiple occasions. He handled those discussions with absolute respect and professionalism. I waited quite a long time before writing this review because I wanted to see how David's drawings played out through the 5 month long construction period. Nearing the end of that period, I can now confidently say that the drawings were coherent, clear, and of great value to the contractors who took on my project. This was a critical piece for me because the drawings generally always look good/cool but my concern was always - the application of those drawings for builders! It has worked out great! In closing, we were lucky to find David given our context - uninformed and on a pretty tight budget. David addressed both of these elements with respect in educating us on some key aspects and always drawing with costs in mind. David is flexible, cooperative, strategic, thoughtful, and diligent in completing what we needed him to complete. He drew the house we wanted and got the permits we needed. Thank you David. If we find some money one day somewhere, we will do the front of the house!
Mark S.
Addition Drawings And Securing Permits - Additions & Interior Alterations - The Pocket - Toronto
David developed architectural drawings and performed all the foot work for acquiring a full permit package for our project. We came to him with our ideas, and he guided us with his expertise and extensive knowledge. In addition he thoughtfully considered our wants/needs and balanced them with our home's realistic limitations to develop the plans for our dream home. We highly recommend David to anyone!
Marcia P.
Home Addition And Reno - Additions & Interior Alterations - East York - Toronto
We have used Davids company on several occasions now for both small & large projects ranging from home additions to roof top deck structures. David has provided an efficient and speedy service to our company in order to produce clear concise plans to make the renovation process as seamless as possible for both ourselves and our clients. Needless to say that our clients have also been impressed by his work. We hope to continue working with David on future projects.
Paul C.
Architectural Drawings - Toronto
Our project is rather big and complicating: we are putting a second story over half of an existing bungalow, building a two car garage attached to it, and putting a floor over that. I’m a project manager (not construction) and very interested in the whole process of design and build so I’m a sure I am a bit of a pain to professionals (and place high expectations on them). There are a few general things I look for in professions – quality of work, trust, listening skills/ability to work well together, responsiveness/communication, and price. David didn’t disappointment on any and even impressed me. While searching for a designer, I found many of them only heard a small percentage of what I was saying and then it became them telling me what they wanted – not what I want. David listens very well. But he also knows that he has more experience than I and does make recommendations and gives me a lot to think about. But if I don’t decide on his idea, there are no hard feelings as he knows I’m building my dream house, not his. In the end, I think we are building a beautiful house – one with both his ideas and ours. We also had to use David at the Committee of Adjustment (CoA) as we had to break some variances. We had objection from one family but David handled it VERY professionally – not backing down at all but not insulting my neighbors. An easy win at CoA thanks to David. Throughout the process, he always was well organized and communicated well to me so I knew what to expect ahead. He has always been super responsive and never left me thinking ‘has he forgotten about me’. We had many issues (not related to David) which made the whole process drag on and poor David’s had to be patient. In the end, I think David was involved for over a year and never complained and even helped out wherever he could (even though it wasn’t his area). Even though David’s portion of the process is completed, he still answers my questions promptly no matter how small or unusual. He is definitely someone I enjoyed working with and someone I would highly recommend to my family, friends or…you.
jeff w.
Major Reno, 2nd Floor Addition, 2 Car Garage With 2nd Floor Addition - Additions & Interior Alterations - East York - Toronto
David helped me completely redesign my new house including an extension, basement lowering, and completely new layout. I am very pleased with my whole experience with David: because the changes were so huge, this redesign was by nature a very evolutionary process: I needed to explore various approaches in order to fully understand my needs and wishes and balance them with reality. David supported this process extremely well and very patiently, producing alternate creative designs (including even a few 3D models!) at key points in the development so that I could fully explore different approaches. It was also a very interactive process which I liked very much: I wanted to be involved in the design and David did integrate some of my better ideas into the plans and very respectfully eliminated the less promising ones. I am very satisfied with what we produced - I say "we" because it felt like teamwork even though David did 95% of the work; as a result I have quite a sense of ownership in this design. In addition to this redesign, David worked extremely well to get the engineering, HVAC plans and city permits in a timely way and keeping me posted on their progress. This was actually also a lot of work, as it involved interacting with the city, engineers, etc. but I it all got done without me worrying about it. That was also great.
Sophie Q.
Plans And Permits For Home Renovation And Extension - Additions & Interior Alterations - Upper Beach - Toronto
I worked with David to design a third floor master suite in an existing space. With only one revision, David captured everything I wanted in the space and I'm thrilled . David also handled all permits and navigating the project through the endless bureaucracy of the City of Toronto Building Dept. processes including Committee of Adjustment and the OMB. His calm demeanour was a valuable asset in a complex project. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again and recommend him without reservation.
Susan H.
Third Floor Master Suite Design, Drawings, Permits - Additions & Alterations - Riverdale - Toronto
David was recommended to us to design and help us through the permit process with our third floor master suite (attic) renovation. Although there were not many alterations that needed to be made to David's original design as we loved his first attempt, he was willing to make any changes necessary. David was always reachable by phone or email and very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that we had about the design or permit process. Having David take care of the permit process was an enormous weight of our shoulders as we would not have known where to start. He was able to come up with solutions to any of the minor snags we encountered. We would definitely use David again with future projects and highly recommend his services.
Jennifer L.
Home Renovation Design And Permit Process - Additions & Alterations - East End - Toronto
Before we hired David we received quotes from 6 architects. The service provided by David was comparable to, if not superior to the quotes we received--and at 1/3 of the cost. After we retained David for our project, he exceeded our expectations by encouraging us to ask questions, change design details we were not sure about and constantly making helpful suggestions. The finished designs were meticulous in detail and entirely captured our vision for the project. We highly recommend David for home renovation design projects of any size and taste.
Roger S.
House Addition - Additions & Alterations - The Junction - Toronto
It's been said that patience is a virtue, and David has it in spades. As new home owners and renovators, it's easy to think that your questions are foolish or naive, but David's prompt professional approach always helped put us at ease. He was flexible with our timeline from first consultation to adjustments during demolition. After interviewing an architect and a reno coach, David's background as a designer made the most sense for our project. He captured our vision of returning our 1950's 1.5 storey bungalow into the quaint arts and crafts style home that we desired. While it was unfortunate that we couldn't fulfill some of the design suggestions due to our budgetary constraints, David was sensitive to the fact that we had to make certain concessions and was helpful with the adjustments. One piece of advice for fellow new renovators is to engage a contractor early in the process to ensure your drawings match your budget. Keep in mind that some contractors might prefer to begin the process once the drawings are complete. With that said, we can't say enough about David's ability to be ever present. By email, phone or dropping things in the mail, he exceeded expectations. While we recognize that he is an extremely busy professional, it was not uncommon to feel as though our little project was always top of mind. Finally we would be remiss, if we didn't mention David's persistence with the permitting process. He regularly followed up with the city, and helped to keep the lines moving. Thank you David for enduring our project with a cool and calm demeanour. It was very much appreciated!
Kristy D.
Home Renovation - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough - Toronto
I am not quite sure where to start, because there are so many fantastic things to say about David. Many of those things have been said. Repeatedly. And I will say them all over again...David is an amazing resource, sounding board, draftsperson, and designer. And, he is actually a really great guy to boot! In the late summer of 2014 we purchased a new home and knew that we would be doing an extensive renovation. We met with 2 other designer/drafting companies prior to meeting with David, both recommended by our contractor. One was very technical and seemed primarily focused upon doing the basics - getting our project drafted out - but did not seem very interested or capable in providing design advice. The other was very design oriented, but without much substance and very expensive! Because we were not happy with the people we had met, we took to our own research and in that process, we came across the many amazing reviews of David and his work. Given the reviews, I called him out of the blue and we never looked back. In the first conversation, his passion for and knowledge of home renovations came across loud and clear.....for instance, he raised a number of practical issues that he wanted us to be aware of with a project of our size (a 3000sq foot total gut job) - and he had no obligation to do so. This was a cold call, where I simply asked a number of questions - some pedestrian, some detailed, and he took the time to answer those questions without reservation. I knew right then and there, we would have a great working relationship. We were not disappointed. David was charged with drafting plans for our existing house structure and for forecasting our renovation plans - it is a 3 floor house plus a basement - this was not a small project. At all times David encouraged a very open relationship where he invited us to provide him with as many pictures, ideas, and comments about our wish list as possible so that he could understand our design aesthetic in order to create a house that reflected our needs and wants. While he was very positive and encouraging in that way, he was also never shy to politely advise us when something in our wish list was impractical in terms of space or expense. I could honestly go on and on. Bottom line, the reviews are true. If I could highlight anything, I would say that he really is as good as everyone says he is. But even more, his attitude, his initiative (especially in dealing with the City and the permit process), his openness to questions, to making revisions, and to be involved even after his formal role is complete, are attributes that made all the difference for us. In this day and age, where everyone is renovating everything - be it big or small, there are people out there who are happy to cash in on the movement - some of them may know what they are doing and some of them may not. For us, we were so happy to have found someone with David's expertise, creativity and down to earth personality. Full Stop. But there was a bonus......his fees were more than reasonable and were less than the other quotes we received. In fact, given his attention to detail and level of service and response, I really feel as though we lucked out. He did not try to take advantage of us by including any surprise costs - at the end of the project we paid for what he quoted at the start of the project. Refreshing! We would highly recommend David for any renovation project. He is the real deal and we will certainly be recommending him to our friends and family. A heartfelt thank you David. Not only did you make this project easier to navigate and understand, you helped us achieve a really great lay-out that we are sure will work with our growing family for many years to come!!! Cheers!
Ferina B.
To The Studs Renovation (3000sq Feet) - Additions & Alterations - Upper Beach - Toronto
We were in need of doing some major renovations and found David from HomeStars. We had 3 quotes and David stood out from the rest in several areas. Responsiveness - We realize that David is very busy. But he somehow seems to be able to pick up our phone calls almost every time when we call him with questions. And even when he is tied up, he would still pick up his phone and advise us that he would call us back. Even now when his services are completed, I feel like when I have questions, I can still call David and David would still try to help out. Knowledge - David knew the answers to all my questions. And in many cases, his answers where above and beyond what I expected the answer to be. David also has a wealth of construction knowledge which makes him more effective in planning out a design. Cost - David's services were the most cost effective when compared to 2 other companies. His quotes were accurate with no additional surprises and "gotchas". David was willing to do multiple revisions on our design plans with no additional cost while other competitors were not willing to do the same. David was also attentive to our needs. He simply did not create something that he himself personally liked. Instead, he created a design that he felt would meet our requirements after understanding what was important to us. I certainly recommend his services to others without hesitation.
Linq L.
Home Renovation Design, Permits. - Addition & Alteration - North York - Toronto
We first contacted David almost a year ago to help us better understand our options with regard to better using our existing space. It has been an excellent experience. We reached out to him in need of a quick roof repair permit, and were thrilled to discover through our work with him that his advice and expertise are so much broader than expected. He led us through a process of articulating our needs and exploring options, and repeatedly surprised us by presenting ideas we would never have identified or considered without his coaching. When we encountered snags - the kind that are inevitable when dealing with a 100 year-old home - during the transition from the drawing/permit stage to actual construction, David did not abandon us! Throughout, he encouraged us to ask the silly questions, and has been more than willing to make modifications as needed. We would not hesitate to recommend David Smith to our family and friends.
Amy S.
Advice, Drawings, Permits - Alterations - York - Toronto
We met David socially at a time when we were investigating having the basement of our century old east york home lowered. We found him to be knowledgeable, competent, and efficient throughout the process. He was patient with our questions and attentive to our concerns and we are very satisfied with our dealings with him.
Don S.
Basement Underpinning - Interior Alterations - Little India - Toronto
We hired David to develop architectural drawings for our new back deck and help us steer our way through the City of Toronto's Building Permit and Committee of Adjustment process. Throughout the entire process, David was proactive, creative, thorough and always there to answer our myriad of questions. He really knows what he's doing, and helps take the stress out of the process.
Neil D.
Architectural Plans And Building Permit Process - Exterior Alterations - Cabbagetown - Toronto
Taking on a huge project like completely rebuilding your home can be overwhelming but David made the process so easy. He not only has an amazing ability to create something fabulous but also to deal with the ridiculous government bureaucracy allowing his clients to relax and maintain sanity that would otherwise be tested greatly. I really doubted I'd deal with someone who I both liked and trusted, but I found both in David.
John S.
Full Plans And Permits - Additions & Alterations - Scarborough - Toronto
David was very thorough with our construction project and we were kept well informed each step of the way leading up to the city permits. He listened to what we wanted and constructed a 3D model showing what the final project would look like once completed. He was always quick to reply by phone or e-mail whenever you had a question to ask and had time to listen to each idea we had. I would recommend David to anyone who requires permit drawings or architectural design for their home.
Denny L.
Renovation And Permit Drawings - Additions & Alterations - Etobicoke - Toronto
David's approach is just like his motto: honest and relaxed. His honesty included realistic timelines and some great recommendations on how to save money. Although David was very laid back, he was also very thorough, meticulous, professional and lightning quick with follow ups. There was a perfect balance between sense of urgency and a relaxed and pleasant manner. In addition, David was knowledgeable about zoning bi-laws, construction and home renovations. He was the perfect designer!
Dale K.
Whole House Renovation And Addition - Additions & Alterations - High Park - Toronto
David is a completely professional and highly proficient designer. From initial contact through to the approval and delivery of our building permit, we have been continually impressed with his attention to detail and ability to stay on top of our project. He listened carefully to our requirements and designed a garage that reflected everything we asked for while keeping within our budget. We will gladly hire him again!
Mike H.
Garage Design And Building Permit - East York - Toronto
David did an excellent job designing our home and guiding us through the permit process. He is smart, professional and reasonably priced. If you're in the market for a renovation or new home, you can do no better than David R. Smith Design. Really.
Bill R.
House Design, Permit Submission - New Build - Leslieville - Toronto
David was a pleasure to work with, responsive, detailed and very professional. Our plan was to build a garage but in order to accomplish this we needed to move the garage to the rear of the property. He was available every step of the way even with all the changes we tossed his way. Definitely would recommend his services.
Ryan M.
Garage Design/Plan & Permit - York - Toronto
David R. Smith worked with us to create blueprints for a new garage, to replace our existing structure. Working with David was a extremely positive experience; his expertise and professionalism made the process quick and easy, ranging from our initial meetings to discuss wants/needs, to revising plans and applying for city permits. Throughout the design process, David was responsive to feedback, but also able to provide us with clear guidance, and the turnaround time for the plans - despite numerous other commitments - was very quick. We would recommend David's services without reservation and we will certainly go to him again with any future projects.
Bronwyn G.
Garage Blueprints - Leslieville - Toronto
David R. Smith Design is a winning design solution for homeowners. David is exceptionally client focussed, a great listener, and confidently efficient. Response times were amazing – on more than one occasion we sent emails while in-store (cabinet and appliance shopping) seeking clarity on measurements. The promptness of his reply saved us hours by not having to make return trips. Design options were creative and well thought out. His understanding of how families need to live (now and as they grow), resulted in a plan that optimizes use of our available space. The process felt more like a fluid conversation versus a transaction – very clear that David has his client’s best interest in mind. Like many other comments listed here, our experience was entirely worry-free. Kudos David, the accolades from everyone here are well deserved.
Darryl L.
Home Interior - Interior Alterations - North York - Toronto
David was fantastic to work with. We found David on Home Stars as we were in seek of a architect who would take our conceptual design and turn them into drawings which would be appropriate for the city to issue a permit. David understood our requirements, drew up the plans, had them submitted to the city for approval and was able to deliver a permit from the city for construction to begin! David also retained and coordinated the structural and mechanical consultants. David was a pleasure to work with, and i would use and recommend him again!
Adam K.
Home Addition - Additions & Alterations - Sherwood Park - Toronto
David did an EXCELLENT job for me. He took the time to walk me through the process. Everything was taken care by David. I would highly recommend him.
Joe F.
Front Porch - Exterior Alterations - North York - Toronto
We were planning to make some changes to the exterior of our house. We planned to change the roof line on our house. David gave us advice on what the new roof should look like. He also created the architectural drawings and site plans that allowed us to get the permit from the city. David was great to work with. He was always available to answer my questions. As well, he got the job done quickly. I would definitely recommend his services to others.
Julia A.
Architectural Drawings For Small Renovation - Exterior Alterations - Markham - Toronto
We hired David after we had trouble with a previous service provider. His work ethic and attention to detail was refreshing. He was easily accessible if we had any questions about the project and he exceeded expectations of any task we asked of him. We have recommended him to at least two other individuals. Thank you for all your help!
Anna Y.
Design, Drawings And Permitting For Two-Story Rear Addition - Additions & Alterations - Riverdale - Toronto
We hired David to do a design for our kitchen and dining room renovation. David accommodated his schedule to come earlier than expected to help us get a design in before a sale at Ikea, and also mocked up some designs directly in the Ikea planning tool for us to review. He thought of a layout that we hadn't thought of that we thought was great and we went with. He also submitted the permits and arranged for engineering drawings very efficiently and with more than enough time to start our renovations. I would recommend David to anyone thinking about doing renovations on their house.
Tom R.
Design+Permit - Interior Alterations - Upper Beach - Toronto
We hired David to create drawings for a home addition and also to act as liaison with the city to obtain the appropriate permits. David did a fantastic job of listening to our needs and designing a functional space, in addition to offering ideas of how we could alter our interior space to be more functional. His pleasant manner, professionalism and quick turnaround were very much appreciated.
Kirk P.
Technical Drawings For Mudroom Addition & Interior Alterations - Additions & Alterations - Riverdale - Toronto
My back deck is due for replacement, and Dave did the drawings for me, which I'll use to get quotes on having the work done. Dave walked me through some options, after assessing my needs and he made the effort to understand how I anticipate using the space. He was very knowledgeable about code requirements as well. I'm very pleased with the design he came up with, which effectively addresses the part I found most challenging - where to put the stairs given the access to the backyard, walk-out basement, location of gas line etc. Now I just have to get it built in the spring!
Nada S.
Design Of Back Deck - Leslieville - Toronto
I am searching for a new home, something that might need a few updates and allow me to put my own personal stamp on it. Dave was able to give me a preliminary zoning analysis for several prospective properties, and then walk through each site with me to discuss potential renovation ideas and what ideas would be most efficient to get a permit. His suggestions have been the right mix of the creative and the practical. This has been a tremendous help in my quest for the perfect place.
Paul K.
Preliminary Zoning Analysis - East York - Toronto
We are renovating our 100 year old Toronto Semi. We are moving a bathroom to a bedroom and removing a wall in our second bedroom to make it bigger. We got in touch with David to help us through the daunting permit process. David came and measured our space and listened to our needs. He produced very expert drawings, and applied for the permit for us. The whole process was quick and painless and David was available and accommodating throughout. We have had several false starts with our renovation and working with David has renewed our confidence that we will get this done. From the moment we got in touch with David we knew we had made the right choice. He is professional and capable and has been in constant contact with us throughout the process to let us know how it is progressing. We will use David’s services again in future renovations. We can recommend David without hesitation.
Kali D.
Design, Drawings, Permit Preparation - Interior Alterations - Leslieville - Toronto
Rigid frame structural engineering firm has been working with David Smith for more than one year. We collaborated with them on many projects involving residential properties alterations and additions. David guides his clients through the planning of their projects with great deal of expert and patience. The way he combines his architectural and building code knowledge with his practical construction experience, makes him stands out from the rest of the crowd in the same field. David is a very prompt architect as well as cost efficient for his clients. We definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help and advice for any small to big construction projects.
Arvin P.
Residential Properties Alterations And Additions - Toronto
We engaged David to complete the drawings for our 2nd floor addition and changes to the main floor. From the moment we met David during the interview process, we felt very comfortable with him. His knowledge on the design and permit application process is second to none. In fact, despite having met with several other companies, we hired David the next day as we knew right away he was the right person for our project. He took the time to explain the entire process to us including all the cost associated with the entire process. During the design phase, David took into consideration our needs as well as provided some suggestions on several areas to fully utilize the space we envisioned and improve efficiency. We were able to come up with a final design very quickly, including last minute changes that were requested. We were very happy with the final design. During the permit application process with the city, David took care of everything for us and represented us with the city. The city often finds kinks in plans and David was able to respond and provide the additional details immediately. Overall the entire permit application process was relatively painless, although it did take quite some time due to the several stages involved. David was also very helpful during our contractor selection process as he helped to answer some questions contractors had. In fact, some contractors complimented us having such detailed plans available, as it made their job of quoting for the project a lot easier and accurate. After we selected our contractor further changes were required to the plans and David was very quick to respond and make the corrections and resubmit the changes to the city for approval. Overall, we were very, very happy to have David on board to complete the design of our project. His attention to our project didn’t falter when the permits were issued and he continued to be involved with our contractor to ensure that all the questions were answered and the details are followed up. I would highly recommend David to other couples looking to do large complex renovations, as we were quite pleased with his professionalism, diligence and attention to detail.
Sameer S.
2nd Floor Addition Design And Permit Application - Additions & Alterations - Midtown - Toronto
David was a pleasure to deal with, responded quickly to calls and emails and turned the whole project around from quote to designs and building permit in my hands within 2 weeks. I will definitely use his services again if the need arises and have no hesitation recommending him to others.
Tony M.
Carport Design & Permit - The Beach - Toronto
My family owns an investment property whose back mudroom was falling down. We decided to build a 2-tier deck to replace it and contacted David to facilitate the process. He was very easy to work with-- going through numerous iterations of the design until we were satisfied-- and knew the ins-and-outs of the permit process. Whenever we had questions, he would respond quickly and provide alternative options that resulted in cost savings on the project. He has a wealth of experience in the industry which gave us confidence throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again in the future.
Frank K.
Permits/Drawings For A Back Deck - Playter Estates - Toronto
In a nutshell, we will be using David again. He is an excellent communicator. He takes the time to explain every process and continuously adds value by sharing his ideas and experience. Above all, is trust and professionalism. He has been phenomenal in this regard. Acting as an intermediary between trades, engineers, and surveyors, he has taken ownership and responsibility in ensuring things got done. We strongly value the relationship we have with him and would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends alike.
Gene C.
Designing 4plex - Additions & Alterations - High Park - Toronto
We just purchased our new home and needed some extensive renovations done. David was very easy to deal with, walked me through the entire process and was able to work on and complete the project within 1 week. He also got us our building permit in 4 days without any issues. I'll be recommending him.
Alex M.
Drafting Services - Interior Alterations - Yorkville - Toronto
This is my 11th studio that I have either been part of or have had built myself but the first time that I have worked with David. My only regret is that I cannot travel back in time to have him be part of all the other ones. Designing and building a recording studio space is a huge challenge when it comes to the structural needs of sound isolation. Room decoupling, floating floors and odd angles are not the norm. David's immediate understanding of these needs PLUS the absolute fantastic and creative input that he put into this project was priceless. I am more than pleased with David, his work, his professionalism and his deep creative well. Please look for pictures of my space once it is completed mid-April 2013 @ Cylindersound.com. The work will speak for itself. Kind Regards Brad Nelson Owner/Director - Cylinder Sound & Film - Toronto.
Brad N.
Recording Studio And Office Design/Build - Interior Alterations - Grange Park - Toronto
David's assistance in designing our project went far beyond what had initially been contracted. Not only was he prompt for meetings, and on time with delivering plans, and responded quickly to email queries, he helped us through to the final design which ended up being a process of several extra iterations. His advice with respect to helping us envision a stunning kitchen space within a limited budget was invaluable, and we plan to use him again in the future.
Concetta P.
Kitchen Design - Interior Alterations - The Junction - Toronto
We hired David R Smith Design to complete the permit application and design for our basement and main floor renovation to our bungalow. This request included a complete redesign of the existing basement - including load bearing wall demo/structural beam design, underpinning, and a new walkout to the backyard. On the main floor, we required a revised layout for the front half of the house – including a new kitchen layout. From the initial meeting with David, we were very impressed with his professionalism, experience and ideas, and general customer oriented approach. After taking meticulous measurements of the house, he met with us at a later date to go over different layout options. Even though we were very happy with the initial design, we discussed with friends (one of whom is an interior designer) who recommended some revisions. When we talked to David about these revisions, he gave valid and sound reasons why these suggestions would not work in our space and for our specific needs and wants. We appreciated his candor and felt that his advice came from a genuine desire to fulfill our vision for our space. It was obvious to us that his initial design choices were well thought out and personalized so we went with original suggestions. The permit application process was completely seamless with David. He prepared all the required forms and permit drawings (site plan, elevation, cross-section, underpinning, details, etc) on our behalf. We received our permit within 8 business days. I have heard from others who have encountered significant delays in obtaining their permits due to re-submissions that were required. It is obvious that David is very familiar with the city’s permit requirements. We do not have anything negative to say about our experience with David. He was very accommodating (met with us several times after normal working hours) and was always reachable and responsive to any questions that we had. We would recommend David R Smith Design to anyone who requires permit drawings or architectural design for their home.
Shawn H.
Design/Drafting Service - Interior Alterations - Humberside - Toronto

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