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Simply put, our services encompass the spectrum required to fully meet the needs of our clients.

We offer fixed fee proposals for residential projects of all sizes and complexities. For additional services needed to complete the process, we can refer with confidence a trusted selection of Surveyors, Engineers, Arborists, Contractors and HVAC Designers. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss the specifics of your project or read on to learn more.


Design development and getting to know you

A clear understanding of your needs and desires is combined with our holistic approach to the design process. One of our core objectives is to offer smart and pragmatic design solutions tailored to you.


Design exploration & Visualization

A fundamental goal of our process is to provide clients with the ability to make informed decisions and this requires an openness to and an advocacy for design exploration. Gone are the days of staring at blueprints and trying to understand the distinctive details of a three dimensional design. Although traditional drawing sets are still a requirement in order to receive a building permit and for the builder to work from, they take a back seat during the design development process. Modern architectural modeling software allows design proposals to be reviewed three dimensionally with an almost photo realistic level of detail. Finishes, furniture and architectural details are illustrated with exceptional detail, and in doing so, help to eliminate the potential for misunderstandings and confusion. The efficiency of these tools also provides us with the ability to explore all viable options, removing the potential to second guess design decisions. The amount of design information provided allows for a level of clarity and concise decision making, previously unavailable.


Working through the details together

The uniqueness of each design and the success of the final construction is a product of our attention to and consideration of the details. Whether it’s sight lines and the general flow of a plan, the coordination of mechanicals within the building or the contract you are signing with your Contractor, it is important to understand and appreciate the interplay of each and their contribution to the success of the completed project.


Process Management & Permits

From our first phone conversation, to the issuance of the final building permits, we are committed to and heavily involved in your project. We provide every document needed and liaise on your behalf with all consultants, municipal staff and regulatory agencies. We ensure that the process of taking your design through to issued building permits is seamless and efficient. Following issuance of the building permits we remain in contact with you and your Contractor and stay involved as the project moves through final construction.

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